Thursday, 4 September 2014

What's in my suitcase?!

With the start of law school ever beckoning, I want to make the most out of what 'freedom' I have left before I move back into the library. (Btw, I actually love the library!). What better way to do so than to have a quick getaway in Europe with one of my good mates?! I'm very excited! I've had a great week this week, and next week will be a week of much deserved relaxation time, before ... well, you know! Haha!

Check out below what the ideal contents of my suitcase would be...

1. Sandals. It goes without saying, you definitely need a beautiful pair of sandals in your suitcase, especially if you are going on a beach holiday, with the hopes of a beach party too...*wishful thinking*.
2. High waisted bikini. As a curvy girl, his look is very flattering on my shape. I just love how they look- very 50s, vintage Hollywood, right?!
3. Kimono. A kimono will be perfect for the touristy parts of the holiday, i.e. visiting museums and such. It's so light and breezy, you may forget you have it on! I love a printed one myself!
4. Flower crown. It seems almost illegal to go away- holiday or festival- and not carry with you a flower crown of some sort! Haha! They are so cute, I mean, how can you not?
5. Sunglasses. I have been on the lookout for the perfect coloured reflective sunglasses. These one are lush! Gimme gimme! 
6. Sun spray. I want to glow, not burn!
7. Camera. Well, you'll want memories of the good times, won't you?
8. Jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is representing evening wear. For that elegant dinner, you'll want to be looking good, whether it be in a lovely jumpsuit like this, or in a stunner of a dress. 
9. Heels. At least one pair! Or two! Haha! For a lovely evening out. 
10. Tablet. Perfect to blog at the beach with (providing it have wifi near- you can always just draft posts!).
11. Tote bag. This is so essential. Along with your cute side bag, I reckon a tote bag is vital to store all the souvenirs and treats you pick up on a day out. Avoids you being a bag lady!
12. Flower print dress. We all need that cute little dress. Perfect for daytime, add heels and it will be great for night time too!

Now, of course there are LOADS of other things I will put in my case, like a fedora, jewelry, books and a music player.
What about you? What's your 'must have' items?
I would love to take a car and drive round Europe with some mates! oooo maybe next hoilday! Haha! If you are planning to do just that, check out, they have AWESOME deals on all your insurance needs!!

Now... to get said things! Haha!!

Until next time,

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Emmy Awards: My 10 best dressed.

The Emmys last week was such a glamorous affair, everyone looked stunning! Here's my top ten (very hard to decide by the way):

This simple sweeping dress is so elegant on Octavia. Red dress and red clutch (love its shape) is a great combo. Beautiful. 
Oh Halle, I don't think she can do wrong. This blush is stunning on her. Beautiful sweeping dress with a perfect neckline for her. Exquisite as always.

Michelle looks so poised in this elegant dress. I love the simplicity of it, with bold pops of colour. Love the neckline too. 


This look looks so pure. Haha! I love the white and the detailing on the chest. Very sweet look. The styling of the dress is very unique, which I love.

I don't think I have seen Julia ever look so good! This is something I would love to wear! It looks heavy but whatever, haha! The colour and detailing is impeccable. Love the heels too. Great wavy locks to match too!

Hayden is glowing! Already stunning, this dress gives her extra. So elegant and beautiful. Perfect hair do too!

Sarah looked beautiful in this outfit. I love the coral balloon maxi skirt- gives the outfit real elegance with such a casual crop top. The up do make her gorgeous feature strike up and is perfect with this 'summer loving' attire.
Miss Angela! An inspiration to us all. You looj stunning mamma! This white crisp number, with the belt is such a timeless, effortless look. Loving the hair too! 

This colour on Mayim is so vibrant and in your face- I love it! I would love to wear this! The neck and hem lines are gorgeous- and the lace gives it that extra sophistication. Great hairstyle choice and jewelry too!! 

Now this dress is something! It is simply stunning. The white, shape, cut and design of this dress is perfection, if you ask me! Camilla looks so beautiful and elegant- I absolutely love it. Perfect hair- off the face to show the dress in all its glory, and perfect clutch too. LOVE! 

It was really hard this 'top ten'. I had so many more to consider. What do you think? Do you agree?

Until next time,

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Video Music Awards: My 10 best dressed.

The Video Music Awards this past weekend looked like so much fun! So many different styles all in one night- woah! Haha! Here's my top ten:


Yes Nikki! You are looking stunning. This dress and the print is great on your complexion. Love the simplicity of the hairstyle too. Great shoe choice.

Solange never fails to amaze me. I cannot fault an outfit I have seen her in thus far. LOVE everything about this outfit. Very interesting choice for the occasion but nonetheless, stunning. The hair is fab too. I would love to wear an outfit like this!!

Stunning simplicity. Kendall looks like a young Sandra Bullock, right?! Sort of. Haha! Great pop of red with the clutch too.

Victoria Justice- where is this skirt from and can I get one?! Haha! This is a fab number. As a dress, this would be something else- but it is looking stunning with this white crop top. The #hashtag clutch is a great addition too. If I was obsessed with #hashtags I would copped this in a second! (if it's affordable that is).

Kesha this dress is so elegant. Paired with the 5 colours in your hair- you have managed to give it more personality. It looks fab and the detailing is beautiful.

You look like it is impossible to move Chanel! Haha! Girl you look stunning! I'm loving what Balmain is showing us this season! Would love a piece in my wardrobe. From the hair, right down to the heels, Chanel is rocking the 'all black everything' look to a T!

Queen B! Yes! This dress is hugging your curves in all the right places. I love the paneling and detail and it just looks flawless on you!

Wow Rita!! This lady in red is giving us pure sex appeal...and then some. Love the collar. Simply stunning. That is all.

Miss J.Lo- hello!! Haha! This lady right here is motivation to stay fit when you are middle aged. This number is a beaut on her and she is giving 100% in this frock. Great colour on her too- and great heel choice.
This number is my favorite because of the print! The bead detail is impeccable and Joan just looks absolutely divine in this Balmain dress. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Love the hair too! I would love to see this look with a slick ponytail. 

Can we just have a moment, for this moment. Beautiful.
I actually want to take a moment to watch the VMAs instead of seeing bits piecemeal... wish me luck! Haha!

Until next time,

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Bloggers Love fashion week pre-party.

Now who doesn't love a party? A party before the party is even better! I attended the Bloggers Love fashion week pre-party on Monday. As with all Bloggers Love events, it's a great chance to meet bloggers and get to know established and up and coming brands. The atmosphere was very chilled as there were various areas for us bloggers to explore- from photography to speed dating to borrowing clothes- it was a great warm up event for the main attraction. Bring it on! Plus! The candy bar was yummy!
Admittedly, I wasn't snap, snap, snapping away- I was DRENCHED! Actually, that is an understatement! I do not know how my large coat allowed me to get so soaked! You'll think I didn't have one- I mean, look at my jeans! Haha!
Anyways, thanks Bloggers Love for a lovely event! xx
Thanks Roxanne Campbell for the nails. Lush! 

Crop top: ASOS
Jeans: TK Maxx
Heels: Primark (...I know!) Very Ted Baker-esque. 

Until next time,

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Crazy Bear.

I've realised that I have not done a food post in a while. Apologies. Anyways, here is one for you. Sort of. Haha! Over the weekend a lovely friend and church sister celebrated her 30th's birthday party at 'Crazy Bear' in Fitzrovia. It was fab! Just like you Stacey :D
From the decor, to the lighting and interior of the toilets, the place felt very exclusive and the ambiance was just right. We were situated downstairs where the bar is located and 'small plates' are served.
I got sushi (California roll, of course) and tempura prawn. Both delicious! The cocktails were awesome. I purposefully ordered at the bar because of how it is designed- had not seen anything like it- the bartenders were on level with the table! Haha!
Anyways, I recommend going here for a sophisticated birthday dinner/ meet up with friends or that special date! Come with money too!! They don't joke when it comes to that! Haha!
With the beautiful birthday girl. She's the best in the business when it comes to eyelashes- check out her website here.  
The restrooms!! Glitter and hidden doors!!
Bathroom selfie! 
The night didn't end there... we headed over to Heron Tower and got some deserts at Duck and Waffle! ... More please!
The infamous view from the lift.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stacey! Love ya! God bless xx

What I wore:
Dress: River Island.
Clutch: Car boot sale (£1.50)

Craxy Bear.
26-28 Whitfield Street,

Until next time,

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Jump into it.

Jumpsuits are such easy to wear outfits. Don't you think? They may make you look 'odd' or in a adult baby grow, but it's all about how you style it, eh?! This awesome find from Primark (!) is uber comfy!! I love a bit of kahki too- taking me back to my army cadet days. Haha! Paired with these 'flower power' wedges from ASOS, I'm all good to go for the summer. But we all know we never have a 'summer summer', so a coat is essential. I love my multi colour crazy print coat from RI, I wear it too often!
This jumpsuit would also look good with a statement necklace and a high ponytail, and heels!! More of an elegant evening look! 

Jumpsuit- Primark
Wedges- ASOS
Bag- Ted Baker

Until next time,

Friday, 15 August 2014

Africa: day and night.

I've mentioned numerous times on my blog that I love designing clothes, I love being unique with fashion! This here is something I got made whilst out in Rwanda (click here to check out my time there. I miss you Rwanda) and it's just so awesome! Our dressmaker was the best. I need her back in my life! Pronto!
In the first couple of pictures, I'm wearing the sweater over the peplum dress- it's a great day time look, paired with my flatform jellies. I love rocking this sweater with jeans too, super casual look.
Off comes the sweater to reveal the peplum dress in all its glory for a sensual night time look! It's formal, so would look good for a dinner or even in the office! I love it, and paired with heels- you're good to go on that night out!
Can we have a hand for the print??!! I must say, Rwanda has some awesome prints and I know I only skimmed the surface of what they had to offer!! 
Have you got any authentic African print clothes? I would love to see your designs!!

Until next time,

Thank you for checking out my blog, I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading them.