Monday, 14 April 2014

Festival Lovers!

With weekend 1 of Coachella done and dusted, (in my opinion) it marked the unofficial start to the festival season! (Yay!) With spring being spring, the festival attire (and performances- Solange and Bey! LOVED!) has been exciting to watch and also very inspiring. 
Now, there are many festival lover styles out there, and as a lover of music, dancing and getting together with mates to have a good time myself, here is my selection of the many styles you'll see at a festival.
Remember, your wardrobe choices determine how much fun you'll have! Haha! (Sort of a rule of thumb).
Be inspired.

The girl who loves being miss-matchy.
Slogan crop top . Rainbow denim shorts Clear fanny pak . Pink Juju jellies (Or any colour really).  

The girl who loves printed coordinates.

The girl who loves black.

Of course ladies, don't forget your handbag essentials (lippy, sunnies, camera, etc)!!
I personally don't have a favorite from these lists- as there's so many looks I love- I wish I could go to every festival to rock them all! I mean, who doesn't love a good printed dress, like this Alice + Olivia dress seen here on Solange, or a lovely maxi floaty number, seen here on Nicole Richie? I sure do!! (Ahhhhhhh! Too many choices I hear you scream!)
If you are going to a festival this season- have a BLAST!!

For more inspiration on other festival inspired clothing I'm loving, check out and shop my list below on Shopcade!!

Until next time,

*This post has been sponsored by Shopcade x Contiki*

Friday, 11 April 2014

KINDRED: book review.

This post is for people who like reading- you have been warned!*
I know, I haven't done a book review on ze blog before- it should always and only be about fashion, right?! Wrong!! I feel obligated to give you my review and opinions on this book. I read it in 1 week and 5 days- which is good, I think, especially as it’s not for an assignment or anything. Anyways, I found it hard to put it down, and when I felt I came to natural pauses, I wanted to continue (I nearly missed my stop on many occasions). Have you ever read a book that uses the fictional convention of time travel to transport a modern African American to an antebellum plantation? No? (Yes? Oh, okay.) Well this book does exactly that- in a very interesting and gripping way! I don’t want to give it away, but an overview of the story is: Dana, a black female writer is living in a L.A. suburb with her new husband, a white man called Kevin. Out of nowhere, she is transported to the antebellum South where she is called to save a boy’s (Rufus) life. These ‘transportations’ are what guides the book along, and allows the development of relationships to be established between Dana and the (individually named) slaves; Dana and Tom, Margaret and Rufus Weylin, and; Dana and Kevin. No relationship is ever stable and reading everything from Dana’s point of view, allows the reader to see things from a view so seldom taken, and even, ignored in books.

I can’t tell you exactly the reasons why I felt so connected with this book- some may be obvious, others not, but it just had me from the phrase ‘I lost an arm on my last trip home. My left arm.’ (That’s literally how the book starts). Its turns and predicaments felt very real to me- though it’s science fiction. However, having said that, Octavia has done a fantastic job of making Dana’s experiences very believable- as they would have happened most probably. A little bit contradictory, I know, but you know what I mean. Slavery was a harsh, gruelling time for African Americans (I salute them all)  and the way Butler has written, she has allowed the reader to gain an understanding on how everyday life would have been, which brought me close to tears whenever ‘something’ unnecessary was going to happen to one of them. (Of course, no punishment I read in this book was new to me, nevertheless, it is still seriously disheartening- when will it not be?). This book actually had me ‘ahhhh-ing’ and gasping at the pages as I read!
I don’t want this post to be sad and droopy, but I guess for the majority of the book, the mood was low and seldom happy. But when ‘happy’ times did come, I could not help but smile to myself. (Like, when Rufus finally accepted his son, Joe).
Finally, I’ll just add that I really like Butler’s writing style. Butler has a way of explain something in a sentence, then following that said sentence with the story behind how that sentence came to be. This writing style is gripping, as we, people, are naturally nosey, reading always made me want to know more and what was going to happen next. As she combined short sentences with long ones (which I actually like doing myself when writing) she made it easier to read, and with short sentences- sometime, even one word sentences- she made her point effortlessly.
GO read Kindred if you are looking for a new read. You’ll find it hard to put it down! I certainly took that journey back- and forth- with Dana! I would also love to see this as a movie- and I would like to star in it!
I would LOVE to hear from someone who has read this book- what are your views on it?
I may be this way inclined again to share my opinions of any other books I read! I mean, it’s rude not to share, right?

R.I.P Octavia. And, thank you.

Until next time,

Monday, 7 April 2014


I am a lover of bomber jackets ever since I got this one from Monsoon- I'm on the lookout for others with funky designs. If you spot some, let me know! I love this one because, firstly, it is my favourite colour and, secondly, I love the shine and feel to it. It's different from what I've seen and I always get compliments on it. This dress is from Primark (as mentioned in my Primark haul post) and I love it (again, because it's purple) because it's so comfy and the cut outs makes it awesome. Paired with trainers, I'm looking very sport luxe chic, I say! Love it! Sexy and stylsih ... and comfortable! Haha! But, of course, this dress can easily be rocked with heels. 
Btw, how AWESOME is this backdrop. These pictures were taken in a side street in Camden. Go Camden and explore!! 
I felt obligated to share this picture! Haha! Just reminds me so much of when Bey introduced B.I.C to the world! Right?!
Dress- Primark.
Bomber jacket- Monsoon.
Bag- Ted Baker.
Trainers- Nike.
 Photos by Troy

Until next time,

Thursday, 3 April 2014


The awesome company that is 'Bloggers Love' ran it's first 'Bloggers Love Fashion Week' (#BLFW) last week over 3 days. I actually was only able to attend Wednesday, the final day, and the theme was: All Black City Chic.
It was a great, well organised event as there were loads of brands present to liaise with (and of course, get their products to try, for free- freebies basically!), fashion shows and treatments on offer. There was even a photo booth with loads of cool props- that was fun!
I had a great time as I got to meet new bloggers and catch up with some I've met at other events and who now I consider friends (ahhhhhh haha). Check out the pictures below! I'm looking forward to their next event!
In the first picture, you can see that I rocked up to the event with these ridiculously hairy caterpillars on my face. Thanks to HiBrow, they got sorted! The lovely lady worked her magic on them and gave them shape and definition. You can see that they came out thick, well thicker (my eyebrows were crazy thick already) and they looked great, as I got many compliments on them and sent bloggers to them straight after! Haha!
After speaking to Mark (the company rep) and finding out what they do- which includes EYEBORW EXTENSIONS (!!)- I can tell that it is a great, reputable company with the aim of making people feel great-through having great eyebrows! Check out their website to see what they do! Oh, and on the night, they were having a competition to win 1 of 5 of their 'Brow Powder Compact' and ... I was one of the lucky winners!! Yay! Cheers guys xx
How cool is this party makeup on us ladies?! Awesome right! Well, it's brought to you by: The Parlour. A lovely London- based make up and styling collective. They usually work at festivals, but can do private events too! You'll see them at this year's Lovebox festival!! They can do anything you desire- it's awesome and fun- and glittery! Most of the ladies at the event got the glitter works, but I wanted something simpler, and to match my sweater. I love the bindi and and the rest-oh, bring on summer already!! (Well spring is here, so I guess it will suffice haha!). Thanks ladies for the look- check out their website.

Here are some pictures from the various fashion shows:
With the beautiful Olivia. Check out her blog!
With the lovely bloggers Christine and Lousie Joy. Check out their blogs!
With Gina from BB- she's really sweet and told me she has something coming up! I can't say anymore...haha!

What I wore:
Sweater- Vintage store in Sacramento, California. (I love it and it got loads of compliments!)
Skirt- French Connection.
Heels- Primark.

Finally, these white, squared beauties are marshmallows! Seriously scrumptious they were!! They are from 'Boomf''- they allow you to upload your instagrams onto their site and they'll deliver your marshmallows with your fab pictures on them! Awesome right! I had a go at the event and look what I got sent! 
Thanks guys! I love them- and they come in a cute box too!
Now, if you guys want some of your own, or fancy giving them as a pressie- the lovely guys at Boomf are offering my readers 10% off (lucky you!) Just click here and use the code BOOMF_ME_BLFW !
I'll love to see what you guys come up with!

Always a pleasure, Bloggers Love xx

Until next time,

Monday, 31 March 2014

Shades of blue.

This jumper only cost me a quid! I copped it recently at a vintage fair in Mile End, East London. The majority of things were going for a pound, but I also found this overcoat gem for £3. Happy days! It is so warm and I love the shades of blue it gives. Plus the added sparkle. It has a small hole in the centre- but I don't care- £1! Hello! I paired it with a simple black skirt, tights and heels, to make it stand out more. Plus a slash of red never hurt anybody!

Sweater- Vintage fair- £1.
Clutch- Car boot sale.

Until next time,

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Car Boot Sale- Vintage Style.

Last weekend, London held it's second vintage car boot sale event, along the lovely Southbank. It was a glorious day (yay!) and I headed down there after work, with a mate, with the aim of copping some great vintage finds. It was cool vibes all afternoon, with the sun shining, REKORDERLIG, a live DJ set (that had me dancing whilst shopping) and people looking as vintage as one can get. I took the opportunity to wear vintage clothing myself- I mean, if you are going to wear your vintage clothes, best do it at a vintage event, right?!
It didn't feel like a car boot sale per se, as the clothes were not being sold out of cars, regardless, there were flashy, classic cars galore and every vintage thing you can think of! I loved the classic Pepsi-Cola signs- soooo cool!
I ended up purchasing some really cool, cheap jewelry, a tropical print blazer and a mint lace maxi dress. The dress had me at hello! I don't own anything this colour- and once I brought this, I've been seeing mint everywhere. Haha! (I guess that's because pastels are on trend too). Looking forward to rocking this in the summer sun. It looks SO classic on!
Twas a great day, which ended with free hot dogs! We even bumped into Justin Lee Collins!
Enjoy the abundance of pictures!
With my free hot dog from Engine Hot Dogs- thanks guy!
Justin Lee Collins! Cool dude with that awesome Bristolian accent! Haha!

 My purchases: 
Tropical print blazer.
Mint maxi lace dress.

What I wore:
Sequin cardigan- vintage shop in Sacramento, California.
Skirt- vintage fair in Bethnal Green, East London. 
Belt- Primark.
Bag- Ted Baker.

Check out this awesome video (featuring the vintage cars a lot more than my pictures haha) my mate Troy of TroyMeetsWorld made of our day.

Until next time,
Thank you for checking out my blog, I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading them.